Tr3adMarkZ | My Story

What is Tr3adMarkZ?

How The Dream Came About
“A BRICK TO THE FACE TO WAKE UP”. That’s honestly how it came about. I was knee deep in the middle of my engineering course. I was handling a whole lot of assignments and projects and it came knocking like it owns the house.

What Fuelled the Passion?
Cars, ever since I can remember I have just loved fast cars, I am a guy, no much explanation needed there. From there on it kinda caught on like veld fire and the dream kept expanding. I started taking photos at events and even started this blog to upload my experiences.

How The Brand Grew
From consistently attending events and blogging lead to me wanting to partake on the drift scene and be behind the wheel. But not on a professional level though. Still on a hobby level but find means to fund this passion of mine. Tr3adMarkZ the clothing brand was born.

Tr3adMarkZ | My Story:


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