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New Header

just whipped up sum real quick...i should be starting on my assignments right now but i keep finding something to distract me!

I'm still searching on what to put up there! so tell me your verdict about this!

My Birth Month

As my birthday inches(centimeters) closer, i wonder what i'm gonna get my self...or better yet what my caring friends are gonna get 4 mwa...yea ryt...even if it was my last day on earth em' niggas wouldn't get me shit...! lol...but now i have a goal to meet and thats 2 acquire a drift ride above all things! guess i gotta keep my fingers crossed and my butt cheeks squeezed and hope that things work out!


i can't believe its been 10 months now ever since i started blogging...time flies i guess. On my previous post,Blog Header, i created a simple logo and printed a few tester tees to see how it would look like and this is the final product we got from it!

more pics can be viewed at these flikr accnts:


Thanx to the models that came out for this event and the photographers for a job well done. Not to forget all my Boiz who came to support the movement! big-ups!

i decided to keep the post short cz the pics are already uploaded on the profiles of the links i just posted so do take time to check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Laws Of Physics Do Not Apply

talk about insane entry!