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The Studio Shoot

Had an awesome time yesterday at the studio with the crew...there's nothing much to say but brace yourself for epicness! This is what you should look forward to. Promo Video:
Tr3admarkz Promo Video Teaser from romeo shagba on Vimeo.

Was Never Part of the Plan about dusting the dust off a blog...been a bit busy with the whole t shirt thing, still am, have a photo shoot tomorrow and i'm trying to get shit in order! T shirts was never really part of the plan...Drifting was the plan but i guess things happen for a reason and the tees were a beautiful mistake :D. Working on the Big cartel shop at the moment, hopefully everything will be sorted soon and I can start taking orders! LINK: DO NOT BUY YET!!! I'm on a steady grind, not really in a rush! but things are looking up!