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What is Tr3adMarkZ?
How The Dream Came About “A BRICK TO THE FACE TO WAKE UP”. That’s honestly how it came about. I was knee deep in the middle of my engineering course. I was handling a whole lot of assignments and projects and it came knocking like it owns the house.
What Fuelled the Passion? Cars, ever since I can remember I have just loved fast cars, I am a guy, no much explanation needed there. From there on it kinda caught on like veld fire and the dream kept expanding. I started taking photos at events and even started this blog to upload my experiences.
How The Brand Grew From consistently attending events and blogging lead to me wanting to partake on the drift scene and be behind the wheel. But not on a professional level though. Still on a hobby level but find means to fund this passion of mine. Tr3adMarkZ the clothing brand was born.
Tr3adMarkZ | My Story:


HIATUS It has been quite the journey, I’m am sitting here feeding my daughter, yes, a little human came into my life, reminiscing about the lessons I’ve encountered. Life is indeed a roller-coaster ride, with a lot of uncertainties, and I’m learning every day that the successful individuals are those that get comfortable being uncomfortable. The journey really began when I made the conscious decision to venture deeper into my hobby and passion of motor-sports, little did I know that, that burning desire within will open doors to a whole different world. The Snow Ball Effect Everything I focused on seemed to have a snow ball effect, every step I took kept on building momentum that would propel me to the next step, and so long as I kept moving the more the momentum grew, always to a new and exciting path. To get started, I never needed any knowledge about to accomplish the task I had set for myself, but the drive in me was so strong that learning and picking up new skills became a breez…


We got a feature from Paintura Group blog, do check them out. A talented bunch!!!

Holidays are finally here!

Where do I has been a long bumpy ride, but i've actually made some progress on the t shirt's funny how things turn out! started off this blog with the intent to start drifting, but life took me to different places i'll tell you that! Met a few cool people along the way, from up coming artists to an up coming drifter which is something great and I can only hope that this year I keep pushing, still don't know where i'm heading yet but ama keep walking on this journey! Holidays are finally here and it's time i bury myself in work! I wonder what I'll come up with this time!

The Final Video

The video is finally out and i'm really impressed with what Romeo Shagba Photos and Georg stb Photos did!  These guys....they call themselves the Dynamic Duo, they brought their 'A' game as well to the shoot and showed some skillz...big ups to every one that made this photo shoot happen, Galex, Lefika, Boiki and Tshepi...these guys helped out big time...Enough chit chat, check the video out.

Tr3admarkz Photoshoot B.T.S. from romeo shagba on Vimeo.

The Studio Shoot

Had an awesome time yesterday at the studio with the crew...there's nothing much to say but brace yourself for epicness! This is what you should look forward to. Promo Video:
Tr3admarkz Promo Video Teaser from romeo shagba on Vimeo.

Was Never Part of the Plan about dusting the dust off a blog...been a bit busy with the whole t shirt thing, still am, have a photo shoot tomorrow and i'm trying to get shit in order! T shirts was never really part of the plan...Drifting was the plan but i guess things happen for a reason and the tees were a beautiful mistake :D. Working on the Big cartel shop at the moment, hopefully everything will be sorted soon and I can start taking orders! LINK: DO NOT BUY YET!!! I'm on a steady grind, not really in a rush! but things are looking up!