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hehe its funny how it came was supposed to be something for a pass time and it was the first time i used photoshop and i kinda think its not that bad 4 a newbie! anyway, i made a few calls to a printing shop to see how it would look on a T-shirt...this is what we came up with!

its funny how things come about by accident :D

MAEPS Saturday Night Drift

So finally, i get the chance to visit the MAEPS drift session after a very long time of postponing the date...i gotta say, the atmosphere of loud exhaust pipes and loud sound systems was just amazing!

if you look closely you can see the LV on the indicator cover...pimpin' LOL

the dancing skeletons

a lil black label

"THE SHOW STOPPER..." the sound was 2 massive that the cars next to it decided to shut their systems...RESPECT!