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Yet another disappointment, but I guess its too soon to hope for anything...The meeting never happened like I had hoped, so I guess I'll have to wait and see AND trouble them with calls and sms'.

i can only hope that this blog doesn't turn into a blog of disappointment...that would be a B#@^@!h(excuse my French):P!

Still Have Hope

I finally got a call I have been waiting for for over 3weeks now...3 KE70 have been found and by Sunday I will be leaving to go see them and see which 1 is in better condition...well all I can do now is wait and hope that everything goes well!


I guess I spoke 2 soon Man U fans don't worry u'll get them next time!


I'm counting down hours until I meet the the car dealer, I doubt if I'll get some sleep tonight, that and the fact that Man U is on point against Bayern...I'm a Chelsea fan though so don't get it twisted! :P
I've seen pictures so far and I must say, its not as bad as I thought it would be, being that this is an old model. I'll upload the pictures after finalising the deal so watch this space!

The Search

I've been talking to a friend of mine and it seems the search might be shorter than i had anticipated!!! By today I should be receiving pictures of the car and by Thursday i should take a trip to see it up close and personal. Word is, it's drift fortunate is that?! :P
But i don't want to be excited just yet until I've seen watch this space people!

what to expect

I have a lot planned out for my life in drifting and i hope I'm able to accomplish all my goals.Here are a few things you will be seeing:
a)search for a car: I'm currently searching for a car with a reasonable price tag and a rear wheel drive as it's essential for drifting. I have or should I say had my sights set on a KE70 Toyota corolla but due to its time line I feel I won't be able to get it because it's very rare and it's hard to find 1 in Malaysia but i'll keep on looking.
b)videos: I plan on making videos and posting them up on YouTube and here on the blog but they will come l8r.
c)drifting: well for me to start drifting I need basic training so i don't think i'll have much of a problem because I have already made a few friends(drifters) on and I guess asking them for drift tips won't be a problem.
So...basically thats pretty much it...i hope this will be interesting for "grease monkeys" and "petrol heads&qu…


Hey bloggers, i'm a newbie at this...well i'll jump in and explain the purpose of the blog.I'm an aspiring drift racer, so the blog will be basically following my life in the drift scene. I have no previous experience in drift racing or racing of any kind, the closest I've come to racing was a few go-kart races I've had with a few friends.
I intend on documenting my life through this blog and share my experiences with all of you(those who made it to my blog). To make things clear, I will be doing this as a hobby just like any of my previous hobbies like Karate for example. I am still a student at university level, I don't know how I'm going to do it but drifting has always been a dream for me and i feel I'm the 1 person responsible for making my dreams happen and "this" is the initiative I'm taking and i hope we can tag along on this sideways journey! So fasten your seat belts this is going to be a sideways journey filled with tire smoke en…