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HIATUS It has been quite the journey, I’m am sitting here feeding my daughter, yes, a little human came into my life, reminiscing about the lessons I’ve encountered. Life is indeed a roller-coaster ride, with a lot of uncertainties, and I’m learning every day that the successful individuals are those that get comfortable being uncomfortable. The journey really began when I made the conscious decision to venture deeper into my hobby and passion of motor-sports, little did I know that, that burning desire within will open doors to a whole different world. The Snow Ball Effect Everything I focused on seemed to have a snow ball effect, every step I took kept on building momentum that would propel me to the next step, and so long as I kept moving the more the momentum grew, always to a new and exciting path. To get started, I never needed any knowledge about to accomplish the task I had set for myself, but the drive in me was so strong that learning and picking up new skills became a breez…