It has been quite the journey, I’m am sitting here feeding my daughter, yes, a little human came into my life, reminiscing about the lessons I’ve encountered. Life is indeed a roller-coaster ride, with a lot of uncertainties, and I’m learning every day that the successful individuals are those that get comfortable being uncomfortable. The journey really began when I made the conscious decision to venture deeper into my hobby and passion of motor-sports, little did I know that, that burning desire within will open doors to a whole different world.
The Snow Ball Effect
Everything I focused on seemed to have a snow ball effect, every step I took kept on building momentum that would propel me to the next step, and so long as I kept moving the more the momentum grew, always to a new and exciting path. To get started, I never needed any knowledge about to accomplish the task I had set for myself, but the drive in me was so strong that learning and picking up new skills became a breeze. For the first time, I enjoyed learning. Not to bash the school systems or anything, because I am here because of the “system”, I learned that learning things that I had passion for I absorbed material at an accelerated rate.
Doubt, indecision, unknown, are words that pop up in my head whenever I am uncertain about the next step. But I have come to understand that life is uncertain, we live in the unknown and look to those who’ve had experience before us on this life journey. That has its pros and cons, so does everything else in life. Everyone is unique in their own way, and to follow another’s life path somewhat delays one from their own true calling. I like to believe we are all striving for something great, but how will you know your own greatness if you are constantly overshadowed by someone else? I guess that’s the scariest thing about being the driver of your own life, the fear of the pitfalls, the embarrassment that comes from failure of finding your own way and diverging from a well-worn and beaten path. Why does it seem difficult to prosper with your passion? How do I find the balance of pursuing that which I’m passionate about and make a living off it?
The Break
It was a much-needed break. The road less traveled has its frustrations and does require breaks to recuperate and refocus. The trick is to know when to back off, because sometimes it’s not that you’ve lost your passion on something, it’s just that your soul needs to rest. I am not a writer of any sort but I find it to be an interesting way to express something within.
The Experiment
Often time we try out new things to break free from the daily routine of life. I have enjoyed motor-sports ever since I could remember, during my schooling days I would look forward to car meets and track days, to spectate of course. I ended up deciding to start blogging about my experiences. Well, one thing lead to the other, from spectating to blogging I found myself wanting to take part in the events. The energy was just amazing. Well, the desires kept on opening new doors, new pathways, and so was the birth of Tr3adMarkZ. 


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