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Love the Beast

I'm not gonna say much but just watch!


took a yung trip to Shah Alam in search of a rust bucket and found something I least expected...I've always been a BMW fan but i never thought at this point in time i'll find anything close to it being a student and all, but today...i was out of words!

I came across a BMW E28 520i...wait for it...with a RB20DET turbo charged skyline engine which packed a punch. Of-course there are a few minor issues like leaking sunroof but otherwise it is a sweet machine...took it for a lil test drive but the accelerator pedal had a problem, it stuck to the floor during lift of so this was 1 of the minor issues but all in all the engine was in good condition, the owner moved me from the seat and showed me its true potential and I must say the car is a beast and a bargain at that.

For now I'm still going to asses whether to take it and start drifting or wait until i get to Bots, but then again opportunities don't come by this easy when 1 is back home!!!

The Perfect Driving Shoe

Remember your early days of driving?! I do...i couldn't drive with my shoes on, i had to make sure that the first thing I did when getting into a car was taking off my shoes, not the seat belt, not checking my mirrors and all but making sure that my shoes were nowhere near my feet. hehe those were the days. With more practice i kinda got used to it though but I must say, Puma has brought back child hood memories with what i consider the perfect driving shoe! enough talk now, check the pic out. I got it from the net so i hope im not violating any