Hey bloggers, i'm a newbie at this...well i'll jump in and explain the purpose of the blog.
I'm an aspiring drift racer, so the blog will be basically following my life in the drift scene. I have no previous experience in drift racing or racing of any kind, the closest I've come to racing was a few go-kart races I've had with a few friends.

I intend on documenting my life through this blog and share my experiences with all of you(those who made it to my blog). To make things clear, I will be doing this as a hobby just like any of my previous hobbies like Karate for example. I am still a student at university level, I don't know how I'm going to do it but drifting has always been a dream for me and i feel I'm the 1 person responsible for making my dreams happen and "this" is the initiative I'm taking and i hope we can tag along on this sideways journey! So fasten your seat belts this is going to be a sideways journey filled with tire smoke engine noise and big ass mufflers :D


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